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Your donation will help us build the maximum number of ventilators that will be provided to people in need.

inVent, the intelligent ventilator helping overcome the COVID-19 pandemic

At I.NETWORK Automation, we decided to put ourselves at the service of society. It is the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic that prompted us to embark on medical technology, which was already in our sights.


inVent is a smart portable ventilator developed by our team of talented engineers and medical experts in collaboration with the Saint Joseph University of Beirut, and it's university Hospital H​ôtel-Dieu de France.

Currently, the device is under laboratory testing and awaiting the FDA and CE certifications.

inVent Ventilator machine helping overcome COVID-19

An optimum size ventilator for highest performance

Our solution offers the following features :

  • A Portable Respiratory Ventilator

  • Specific wheeled suitcase equipped with oxygen tank (4L x150 Bar) 

  • Independence from Gas cylinders or compressors

  • Artificial Intelligence-powered ventilation

  • 4-5 hours battery operating

  • An ideal companion for all patient groups:

    • Emergency Ward​

    • Recovery room

    • Intensive Care Unit

    • Inter-Hospital transport

    • Ambulance transport

    • Field Hospital

    • Home and everyday care​

  • ​​​Combines Noninvasive and Invasive modes

  • Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Ventilation

  • Multi operation modes with integrated high flow oxygen therapy

For more information concerning this product, do not hesitate to contact us!

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