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The award-winning i550 protec frequency inverter uses the same tried-and-tested technology used in our control cabinet inverters. It only differs in terms of a higher degree of housing protection and an adapted design. If there is not enough space in the control cabinet or the inverter has to be mounted close to the motor in various machine modules, then this versatile and reliable device is the right solution. Thanks to the extension box, a repair and operating switch can be used.

The requirements of the Ecodesign Directive are met.

Application areas: Conveyor drives, traveling drives, winding drives, hoist drives, extruders, packaging machines, pumps, fans, ...

i550 protec frequency inverter

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Technical data

    0.37 ... 75 kW


    1 AC 120 V

    1 AC 230 V

    3 AC 230 V

    3 AC 400 V

    3 AC 480 V

    3 AC 600 V

    5x digital input

    1x digital output

    2x analog input

    1x analog output

    1x NO/NC relay

    DC bus

    Motor temperature monitoring

    Micro USB






    Modbus RTU

    Modbus TCP


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