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Silver Sponsor at The Mint & Print 2016 International Conference, Starting September 5, 2016


The central bank of Lebanon BDL- cash operations department is pleased to announce the third conference for Mint and Print (MAP). The conference will be held in Beirut Lebanon, on the week starting September 5, 2016

After the successful events in 2012 and 2014, MAP has become an established international conference in banknotes printing and coins minting. MAP2016, organized by the central bank of Lebanon, provides opportunity to take part in interactive discussions between attendees from around 50 invited Central Banks mainly representing the Middle East, Africa, and beyond as well as 25 expected sponsors & speakers representing Paper mills, mints and printing and processing companies. The event is aimed to be repeated periodically once every two years. learn more


Kousra Sakr, Owner of I.NETWORK Automation, Presenting the new Observer Platform

In 2014, I.NETWORK Automation participated in the Mint & Print conference for the first time and marked this event with the lunching of the new Observer Platform that proved a lot of potential and success in the interest of many participants. see photo gallery

As Silver Sponsors, We are taking part in MAP2016, the third generation of the MAP conference, starting September 5, 2016.

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