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The Automatic Tissue Transfer Machine

An Automatic Tissue Transfer Machine for accurate and controlled tissue separation after folding. It is the missing piece to address the growing demand in the facial tissue market. This machine allows to count and separate piles of tissue accurately and promotes labor-saving.

Fully customizable and suitable for the paper tissue production industry.


Nominal speed: 150 m/min up to 240 m/min, at 10.3 cycles/min

Multi-size: 100, 150, 200, 240, 300 and 350 sheets per log

Sheet width: 80 - 1400 mm

User-friendly graphical interface

Data saving and logging

Automatic rejection, start/stop.

Synchronized operations


Accurate and consistent sheet counting per log

Completely Safe and Hygenic operations

Easy access to all machine parameters

Interactive alarms and warning messages

Remote services in the cloud


For further information do not hesitate to get in touch with us at: or via our contact form

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